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Product Overview

What makes this BallStar Cleaning Machine different?

- Cleans and polishes faster than any other machine on the market.

- Heavy-duty construction with a very durable and powerful motor.

- Light weight and easy to use. Simple on/off switch and dial settings.

- Two cycles are required to clean one set. The longest cleaning cycle is about 50 seconds, so that is less than 2 minutes per set!

- There are three cleaning settings to use depending on how soiled the balls are.

- Ball Star Cleaner cleans 8 balls at a time comes with 1 liter of ball polish (good for 500 cycles) and 2 additional cleaning pads.

Here's what you get with the BallStar Cleaning Machine:

    - 1 Liter of Ball Polish

    - 6 Month Warrantee

    - 2 Cleaning Pads

The BallStar ball cleaning machine is the greatest ball cleaning machine to come on the U.S. market in years! Automatically cleans and polishes an entire set of balls in less than 2 minutes! Portable machine is very easy to use and maintain.

Product Details

BallStar Co., Ltd.

We are a leading manufacturer of BILLIARD BALL CLEANING & SHINING MACHINE, and we have developed a new ball machine of high-technical by ourselves based on long experience in this field, and the dirty ball will be on the birth of a new cleaned ball by the machine.