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While most other polymer and polyester balls try to imitate the look of the Aramith billiard balls, none offer the quality of phenolic resin. Beautiful in the box, most look quite different only a few hours later. Beware of imitations and check for the Aramith name to be sure that you've got a genuine Aramith phenolic ball set. 61.5mm Set includes one yellow, one red and one white billiard balls Scientifically designed billiard balls for professional performance

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Founded in 1923, Saluc was at that time a chemical industry specialized in tannery products. After 1950, this industry died out and Saluc made a conversion to the billiards balls. Today,Saluc produces and distributes billiard balls under the registered trademark Aramith in more than 85 countries, and has a marketshare of 80 % worldwide. The company is also specialised in the production of industrial balls used in all kind of applications, as well as in 9 pin bowling balls and trackballs. The exportation represents 98% of its activity. One of the major strengths of the company is its upstream integration : Saluc has its own chemical plant, to produce the phenolic resin which gives the exceptionnal characteristics to the finished products. This integration allows the price optimization and quality insurance.